Wow, it's been a minute since I last posted! Have definitely been quite busy with school and work. I finally got around to assembling my trusty desktop again. I procrastinated for awhile because I forgot my motherboard I/O shield in Taiwan in my old case and ended up ordering a replacement for it from a random seller in China. Took about 3 weeks to ship here.

ANYWAY - for those of you who don't know, I'm running a Hackintosh build that I had just upgraded to High Sierra in June 2018 [previous post here]. With the upgrade, I also converted my filesystem to APFS, the latest and greatest proprietary Apple file system. In addition to this, I also encrypted my drive with FileVault because I was using my computer for work, and my company requires me to encrypt my drives.

Everything was working fine in Taiwan, but now that I've gutted and reassembled my computer, the rig decided to not boot anymore. After some sleuthing on the internet, I've narrowed the problem down to the FileVault encryption not playing nicely with Clover.


When you enable FileVault, there are problems that sometimes arise causing boot problems. I think this has to do with with Clover not being able to load the OS properly due to encryption. I found this article at tonymacx86 that started leading me in the right direction:

In addition to this, since I'm using APFS, I needed to use different commands that they have in the steps for unencrypting your disk.


The solution to making your system bootable is to unencrypt your disk from the command line. You can do this by booting into the recovery mode, which should be on a separate partition, and then going to the Terminal under Utilities in the top menu.

Once you're in the terminal, you'll need to unlock and the decrypt the volume using diskutil by following the steps in this article:

I'm still in the process of decrypting my drive, so will update with an edit when I can tell if the "solution" actually worked or not...

Here are some other articles that were helpful just as references: