So I moved to Los Angeles...

It's been so long since I've posted - I'm sorry. I've been busy, but I haven't been slacking. At least not that much.

I'd like to start off this post by commemorating this folding chair that I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond:

This was what my living room looked like for nearly two weeks. It was cozy as fuck.

Back from Taiwan

I came back to the States at the end of September. Went straight home to my parents' house and I crashed for a few days. Went to SF and chilled with my peeps there, and then I packed a car full of belongings and drove down to LA where I got an Airbnb with Adi for 3 weeks. For week it was just me, and my parents decided to come stay with me for a few days - they flew over from Shanghai.

After my parents left, Adi flew in from NYC, and Fred also drove down from NorCal to scum with us a bit. There was a lot of consumption of delicious food, and we were definitely well on our way to obesity by the end of the trip. Regardless, it was super fun and productive.

Classes at Icon Collective started pretty much on October 4th (orientation), and the Airbnb that we got lasted until October 21st. I had about three weeks to find a new apartment. Ambitious, but possible. And I did indeed find an apartment! But... the move-in date wasn't available until November 1st. So I ended up getting ANOTHER Airbnb by myself for 10 days to hold me over until the lease started. Adi headed back to NYC on Oct 21st.

Bouncing around Airbnbs

So the next 10 days were chill. I ended up getting a shared room to save some money. It ended up working out quite well. Oh yeah, except for the fact that I'm an idiot and kept forgetting to move my car for street cleaning. I got fined $75 bucks twice for parking my car in the SAME EXACT SPOT on two Thursdays in a row. LOLZ! Oh well, you live and you learn. Or in my case, you don't learn and just pay parking tickets.

Once November 1st came rolling around, I bounced from my second Airbnb and "moved in"! I went to IKEA the day of and bought a bed. Ordered a mattress online a few days before, and it got delivered in the evening. I also set signed up for an AT&T internet appointment for that day. I actually had internet set up before I had a place to sleep. Priorities are definitely in the right place.

Anyway, I was furniture-less until last week other than a folding chair and a bed. Those were some rough times. I would just use my laptop on the kitchen counter while standing. When I got tired, I would sit down on the chair and use my computer on my lap. That definitely made it hard to be productive.

Finally got my stuff shipped down from NorCal, and I got settled in at last. I really like my apartment.

My Apartment

Right when you walk in
Set up my desk in the living room. My desk is much more decked out now, but I'm too lazy to take a new picture.
Living room and my TV that I have not turned on since I moved in. And my amazing recliner that I'm going to give my grandkids when I die.
First time I placed the bed in the CENTER of the room. I think that means I'm an adult now.
I bought a giant fucking mirror.
Closet and bathroom

Icon Collective

So while this was all happening, I was still going to school and also working part-time! Been super busy. Icon has been great. It took a few weeks to settle in, but I think I'm finally in a groove now. The community is really awesome and energetic. My absolute favorite class has been Studio Techniques. We also get assigned a mentor for the semester, and my mentor has been a huge inspiration.

Overall I'm really liking things so far. I just need to be more organized about my schedule and carve out more time to sit down and just produce.

Happy Thanksgiving

Gonna wrap things up here - it's getting late. And I have to drive up to Stockton to hang with my fam for Thanksgiving in the early morning.

Will try to be back sooner this time.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.