So I decided to look into renewing my car registration in California today, and it's just ridiculous how expensive it is. If you use the most convenient (and widely promoted method on the Cali DMV), I get charged a whopping $444.86 dollars.

One thing I've never really understood is the reasoning behind charging a "convenience fee" for filing paperwork online. There is absolutely no f'ing way that submitting a form online creates more work than mailing something via Snail Mail, or showing up at your office with a bunch of papers.

Also, while I'm on this complain train, check out the amazing line item for my DMV Fees:

Wow - that's so informative! Can't you at least give me a breakdown of why I'm dishing out $400 dollars? If it was a reasonable number, it wouldn't matter as much. But $400 bucks is a lot of money. If you choose to use the less fancy version of online renewal processes, the price looks similar:

I dug a little deeper to look for what exactly I'm being charged for, and what's worse is the numbers don't add up. The DMV gives you a calculator tool for figuring out what renewal fees should be. But this tool makes it seem like I'm being charged ~22% more money for absolutely no reason. Why $400 when this states $326?

Now the question is this - is my investment of time in figuring out why I'm being charged an extra $74 worth it?

While I'm currently still in this rage-induced state, the answer is obviously YES.

Stay Tuned.