It's been a trip. A ton of traveling. I've spent the past two weeks just trying to gather myself, but I think I'm over the hump now.

Attended two beautiful weddings in Michigan and in California in August. Next, flew straight to Beijing to meet Jess, and we explored The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, and then David and Wen Wen flew over to meet us a few days later. After, I went to Shanghai and chilled with my parents for about a week. Just got back to Taipei a bit ago.

Since coming back, I've been dealing with Travel PTSD, which seems to be a very real thing. I thought I just coined that term, but apparently it's a thing already.

Busy planning my move out. Searching for housing. Getting ready for Ultra Taipei 2018 (Day 1). Cleaning the apartment. About to ramp up with Spruce Health. Mentally prepping for Icon.

Finally fixed my blog too - ran into some problems with the previous setup that I had. Everything is on AWS now and running happily on Docker.