Title says it all W'SUP I'M BACK!

From the US. Not just that - I was scrolling through my Google Photos and realized that I've done a ton of stuff since my last post!

  • Celebrated my friend and DJ instructor Kid's birthday here in Taiwan!
  • Isaac, Yutaro, and Dave visited me in Taiwan
  • Bought a last minute ticket to Tokyo to see Isaac and Yutaro there
  • Met up with my friend Kuan Yu in Tokyo as well! She happened to be there on vaca too.
  • Got accepted into Icon Collective!
  • Did an epic USA trip with my friend Bernie...
    • Flew to LA, did some touristy stuff and also saw Ryan
    • Checked out my prospective music school, Icon Collective, in Burbank, CA
    • Crashed at Wayne's place in LA then road-tripped to Las Vegas with Bernie
    • Met up with Andy and everyone gathered from across the globe to attend EDC!
    • EDC'd for 3 days. Met up with Jess and Elsa during the rave all three nights! I am still in awe at how we were able to pull that off, esp on Day 1!
    • Missed our flight to NYC and gambled at the Las Vegas strip. Also had a miserable 10-hour wait at the airport. Would not recommend 0/10.
    • Flew to NYC and took Bernie, Jess, and Elsa around the city with my buddies Isaac and Humphrey.
    • Just got back to Taiwan.

Yes, so many things happening, but now it's time to face the post-vacation realities of being a productive human being and contributing member of society!

Many of these things warrant their own posts, so that will be my way of easing back into posting.

See you soon!