I'm in Shanghai for a few days. Last minute trip to visit the parents. If any of my friends in Shanghai are reading this - sorry for not reaching out! Just a couple of days here to chill with mom and pops, then back to Taipei.

My parents have been remodeling their house here in Shanghai, and the deck has turned out to be quite a banger. I don't even know what that means in this context, but here are some pictures to help illustrate what I mean...

Bangin' Deck

Bangin' Deck 2

Pretty nice views, eh?

We chill up here starting early evening if we're home, and usually eat dinner up here. We're on the 7th floor, and getting the furniture up here was actually a fucking riot. This is what I mean...

Big Crane

It was a huge ordeal to get all the stuff up here. Apparently this is the fourth time that my parents have craned furniture up here.

Been a pretty chill trip so far, despite some fires that broke out at my parents work. It always feels nostalgic when I visit my parents. I kind of assume my role as the younger, second sibling. It's weird how when you're with certain people, you just tend to fall into old habits very quickly.

We ate a bunch of good food - as usual!

Coconut Juice

Fresh coconut juice with the coconut meat as pulp

Chinese Bayberry

Also, tried a new fruit called the Chinese Bayberry for the first time. It's sour and sweet. Tastes kind of like a strawberry, except it has the texture of something between a grape and grapefruit.

Dad Cutting Salmon

As per usual, dad requests evidence of him cooking.

Gu Zhen

My mom bought a Guzheng! I was pretending I knew how to play for some tite pics.

That's about it! Heading back to Taipei soon. Lots of stuff happening these next few months - I'm a little anxious and stressed. Excited is somewhere in there, but for now... just need to keep marching forward.