Not quite officially the "week end" of this week, but close enough. I'm ready for an update, and my readers have asked for more PREMIUM CONTENT on my SICK BLOG! JK - it's mostly just Humphrey IM'ing me saying "WHERE ARE YOUR POSTS?"

Thanks for the support bro. I love you.

Doin' Mah Thang

Had a volatile couple of weeks. Lots of stuff going on, emotional highs and lows, but all-in-all I was able to remain relatively productive. I'm working on a new "electro pop"-y song that I plan to finish before Isaac, Yutaro, and Dave come visit on 4/26. Submit my application to Icon Collective with the new track and my acoustic track. Exciting times.

Bought all the plane tickets and figured out logistics for my trip back to the States. I'll be flying out of Taipei on 5/12, heading to LA for a few days to chill and also planning to check out Icon in person. After, gonna drive to Vegas to meet up with the crew and attend EDC! Then on 5/21, got a late night flight to NYC to see all my peeps there. Bernie gonna be coming along too - his first time in the States! Determined to make the trip so amazing that he has no choice but to eventually move to the US.

DJ Classes

As I mentioned before, I'm currently taking DJ classes at Ghost DJ Studio here in Taipei. Started blocking out chunks of time to go practice, and I'm now in the market for a controller. Chris lent me his controller for the time being, but I still haven't gotten it up and running yet due to some software issues. Eventually, though, I'll need my own gear anyways. Might not make sense to buy it here in Taiwan though due to the import taxes etc.

Mostly just been learning and practicing blind beat matching. I have a general gist of what functions and effects are at my disposal, but I have yet to start mixing tracks together. Soon though - I'm excited to start messing around with putting together sets.


... Is the name of my track in progress. It's been coming together a lot smoother than my first electronic track, so I'm pretty happy about that. Learned a lot, but the more you know the more you realize how much more you need to learn. Currently I'm struggling with finding a way to get my kick, bass, and sub bass to glue together and hit hard in an RL Grime-y kind of way. Mixing is a whole can of worms, but overall it's just another kind of engineering. With software, you're flinging and flipping bits to build a virtual structure. Sound design, mixing, and production is manipulating frequencies, panning, and loudness to create an audible structure.

The nerd in me loves diving deep into technical problems, and the creative side of me loves expression of self through art. Programming // Graphic Design. Sound design + Mixing // Production.

Anyway, next post will ideally have some new music for everyone to hear.


OH WAIT! I also did my taxes. It was a huuuuge bitch! The end.