So it's been awhile. Quick update.

Humphrey visited this past weekend, and it was so much fun. We also chilled with June, Christine, Tiffany, Lillian, and Julia. Muy fun. Hump is visiting again for Memorial Day weekend along with Johnny and Heeho... I can't wait!

I jammed my finger this past weekend when I was hungover. I can't use my right hand very well, and I am also a 6-finger typist right now. I can still probably type at 85+ WPM though, cuz I am that much of a boss.

I haven't biked to work for 2.5 weeks. I plan to start biking again after I get back from Iceland.

I'm going to Iceland this Thursday until Monday for my sister's fiancee's bachelor party! I'm super excited.

I am still keeping my room pretty clean and doing laundry every two weeks (my two keystone habits).

I'm writing a song for my sister's wedding and performing it for their first dance. I went over to their place and played for them tonight (it's 50% done).

I started using Snapchat but I don't really understand it.