I visited Michigan this past weekend to move my Litecoin miner to Troy where the cost of electricity is a lot cheaper. While I was in Michigan, I caught up with a lot of old friends and also visited THS.

Had dinner with Freddie, lunch with Duo, dinner with Tiffany, lunch with Rob and Grace, then hung out with Johnny, YSC, DrewJ, and also met Johnny's GF, Ploy in AA. An extremely productive and fun trip, if you ask me!

Now back to life regular life. My insane level of motivation was waning for the past 2 weeks, but I am going to try and turn it up again starting this week. I keep thinking about some of the things I read in the book that I keep talking about, The Power of Habit. I'm going to have to really jot down the most important parts of that book soon - I keep putting it off. It's not just straight-up procrastination, though. I just feel like it's important enough of a topic that it needs a dedicated blog post and some good analysis, but I usually write my blog posts stream-of-consciousness style before I go to bed. If I just word-vomit a post about it, it will feel insufficient. This is just an excuse, though. I should just block some time out and write about it.

I think my dissatisfaction with my last job trickled into every aspect of my life for the past two-and-a-half years and gave me a real scare. This can't possibly be all I'm expected to do for the rest of my life, is it? It triggered some kind of latent personality growth-spurt. I finally found a driving force in my life. I guess in the NBA, they call it the "motor." Well, my motor has been started, and I am searching for ways to not only keep the engines running, but to go faster.

Ironically, I think having previously suffered from severe gaming addiction is helping me now. I know what addiction and obsession feel like, but I also understand that it's a form of extreme dedication. I believe that I can recreate this drive and aim it toward my goals. The hard part is picking the right goals. If I pick a goal that is too ambitious, I will burn out. If I pick a goal that is too easy, I will obtain no sense of accomplishment and it will feel pointless.

When I read The Power of Habit and also an essay by Paul Graham (The Anatomy of Determination), I remember feeling like I was reading an organized and eloquent explanation of my thoughts. It was reassuring - knowing that other people had similar thoughts.

Anyway, I don't really have a point that this post will eventually arrive at. Right now my short-term goal is to make sure I am able to stay on top of everything in my life. Once that is sustained over the next month, I want to draw up some measurable objectives and key-results (OKRs, something I picked up from work. Need to write about that too!) to keep myself accountable as time moves forward and ensure that I am always demanding more from myself as a person.

Good night.