Been awhile since I've updated. That seems to be the theme with my last few posts. It's not easy keeping my blog up to date, let alone staying on top of everything else that is going on.

Last time I left off when Humphrey was visiting...

That was a wild two weeks. I haven't gone that hard since... ever, possibly. It was great catching up with Hump - even though we don't see each other very often, "I'm glad we are bros", if I am to borrow his phrasing of this bromance.

Work has been keeping me really busy. I am on a pretty cool project that is challenging and high-profile, but there is just so much to learn. It's a constant struggle between being being productive and figuring things out. On one hand, you can treat a lot of the code like a black box and march on ahead without truly understanding what is happening. On the other hand, you can dig deep into the trenches of the pre-existing architecture to grasp the details and intricacies of the tools you are using, enabling you to be more effective and efficient.

The bad news is that there is so much code to "understand" that it's simply impossible.

Outside of work, my sister got married! Crazy... she's a wife! And I have a brother-in-law! Well, I think I have two. His brother counts as my brother-in-law too, right? Anyway, I played a new original song at their wedding for their first dance. I spent about 2.5 months writing it, and I will try to get it recorded before their one year anniversary. The wedding was really beautiful, and I'm really happy for my sister. I also really like Chris, too, so that is an added bonus.

My parents flew in from Shanghai and spent quite a long time in the US for their standards. It was really great to have some family-time with them... I almost never see them.

I've been playing basketball a lot but not improving. There is no time to train - it's always a game situation where winning is on the line, so you fall back to doing what you're comfortable with. It's irritating.

I've been getting back into coding at home in my spare time. It's something that I really enjoy, and it's crazy that the last time I was doing something on the side seriously was in 2012. I knew nothing back then! Seriously. In a few weeks, there may be some downtime to the blog because I need to upgrade the machine that this is hosted on. It's on a 32-bit Ubuntu distribution from 2011, and to upgrade is going to take some time and energy.

Today is officially the beginning of Q3. That means that it's time to draft up some personal OKRs. I will make a point to write those up tomorrow and post them. I've been slipping as of late in terms of my personal goals. I told myself that I would do a 2-month sprint to complete my sister's wedding song, and now it's time to get back on my grind!

Good night, and consider this the revival of MAH BLOG!