I also just finished my first week at the new job, but there's way too much on my mind to be able to jot those thoughts down without grossly underrepresenting how much of an impact they are having on me (in a good way). Will get into that another day. I also keep changing the theme of the blog because I can't seem to find one that I really like. This one seems pretty good, but I have to touch it up with a banner and also add the commenting again. Anyway...

A smaller and quicker subject I can talk about is that I mounted my guitar on the wall this weekend! Woohoo! Took about 45 minutes after I received the mount that I ordered. (Link)

The mounting process...

Find some studs

Outline and drill the holes - put in drywall anchors where there are no studs

Screw on bottom part of guitar mount

Another view

Repeat process for upper part of mount

Finished product

Virtual tour of my room


My room is really awesome! That's it for today. Good night.