I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought that I would write a really short update.

Today was my first day working at Google. It was awesome. I walked into a room this morning and had a new 15" macbook pro waiting for me as well as a desktop linux box with two 24" monitors. Most of the day was booked for administrative stuff that you would expect at any orientation, and the latter part of the day was filled with talks regarding the corporate culture and mission. I ended the day by getting a tour of Google NYC with my mentor, meeting my team (again), and then sifting through loads of information and setting up my development environments and new laptop.

Setting things up will be a really long process, and I have orientation stuff booked for the next two weeks. As DrewJ told me, new Googlers are called Nooglers, and although I have been assured that it is a good thing, I can't help but feel like a Noob whenever I am referred to as a Noogler.

Anyway, this marks the end of my month-long vacation. I went to Thailand, Shanghai, and then Puerto Rico with Esther. I had a really great time, and it's surprising how many things you can accomplish in a day when all of it is truly "free time." I'll update soon with pictures of my trips and also recaps of what I did.

Other than vacation and work, I have been thinking of building some healthier habits. A few things off the top of my head: become literate in Chinese, blog regularly, wake up early, start running, keep better track of my finances, keep my room clean, read more books, and more. I am almost finished with The Power of Habit, which has been a really interesting and motivating book. In short, combined with my time off, that book has given me a few ideas on how I can try to make thoughts of self-improvement a reality.

Well, that's my braindump for today. I always get these urges to plan out really epic blog posts covering specific topics, but it's too easy to let things drag on and never update. I will start updating on a more regular basis with posts like this, I think.

Also, Johnny, you are such an adult now. Shit is wild. Miss all of you bros.