I got a bike. It's a sweet bike, it has drop handlebars and 10 speeds. I biked to work 3 times last week, and from now on I'm going to try and bike to work everyday. My metro card expired yesterday and I chose not to renew. That's how determined I am!

In other news, I also bought new basketball shoes. The hyperdunks that Esther got me are awesome, but they wore out quickly since I played with them outside. I think that they will be my outdoor shoes now. I got Lebron's yesterday to use as my indoor shoes, and they are awesome. I played ball from 3:30 - 7 today, so my legs are feeling pretty tired. My endurance has gone up a LOT - I think mostly due to the fact that I have been biking a lot.

Also, I am going to be playing an original song at my sister's wedding in June. I have been brainstorming for a theme as well as jotting down lyrics occasionally, and I am going to try and do a run-through for them in the middle of May. I think a lot about jamming with Hump throughout highschool and college, and also performing at all of those different shows. Those were a lot of fun.

New job has been good. There's a ton of stuff to learn and I am going to be in a "ramp up" period for the next few weeks, but I must say that I feel like a different person. You start to feel pretty good about yourself when you're excited to go into work everyday. I think that this is definitely a slight honeymoon period with all of the perks and great new work environment sinking in, but overall I believe that I'm going to be happy for however long I choose to be here.

I've been trying to organize my time outside of work and be productive - drafted up some habits and objectives last week, but I still have to do a little more work so that they will be actionable. June read the habit book I was talking about as well, and she is onboard the motivation-train. Positive peer pressure!!!

It's time to sleep now. I'll give a more thought-provoking update soon, I promise.