Consistency Matters!

All right, so in true fashion to honor my decision to become a real person again, I'm going to stay consistent with my writing habits. One of the key points that I took away from The Power of Habit, a book I read a few years ago (and I think I wrote about at some point), was the importance of building Keystone Habits. In short, a keystone habit is a routine that you create, which when performed consistently for at least six weeks, will have a positive "spillover effect" on other aspects of your life (including other habits you are trying to reinforce). Something as simple as making your bed everyday may indirectly give you the motivation you need to hit the gym later. Or eat a healthy breakfast. I won't go into more detail here, but would highly recommend you to read the book. It can be a bit gimmicky at times, but overall I feel it provides pretty interesting insights on how humans are creatures of habit - and more importantly - how to take advantage of this fact.

Anyway, tangent aside, I've decided to make writing and meditating (Headspace) everyday my keystone habits, and I'm attempting to tip the "positive-reinforcement" spillover bucket in the direction of my music production and health.

Man With A Plan

Okay, so you want to pursue music. You've left your job. And then moved out of the country. Got your gear. Had a sick vacation. Now you're sitting at your new desk - first day on the job. Now what?

The feeling of working for yourself is incredibly liberating. You feel like an eagle, soaring majestically and freely through the skies. Not to mention that eagles have no natural predators, so you can literally fly around and murder other living things GTA-style with pretty much no consequences. There is no limit to where and how far you can go. At the same time, the unrestricted freedom can be overwhelming and crippling. Not unlike having way too many f'ing options on a restaurant menu, too many choices can make it difficult to arrive at a decision. Even worse, if you order a bad dish - big whoop - don't order it next time. When it comes to planning your own life decisions, how do you know that each step you take is going to lead you to the life you want? And how do you determine if you're making progress?

Quantitatively - with objectives and measurable results (OKRs, anyone? LoLz). One of my objectives is to create an EP. That seems to go hand in hand with learning a plethora of things, such as expertise within a DAW, sound design, mixing - and after, marketing and promotion. How to build a following, submit demos to label A&R's, etc. Instead of diving into the trenches of each individual knowledge-acquisition-rabbit-hole, I've decided to get to my lofty goal of EP by winning a series of smaller battles.

The Shitty Drop Series

This train of thought led me to The Shitty Drop Series, which is where I will create a new build-up and drop to completion. Over, and over, and over again. No matter how shitty it is, the important thing is that I complete it. A perfectionist mindset is dangerous when creating art, because it's easy to get discouraged and never complete anything.

I don't think this will be limited to build-ups and drops (BND's), but it's what I'll start with. It's also too good of a name to change, so no matter what kind of music fragment I create, it will still have a home in The Shitty Drop Series.

I will create at least two BND's a week, and I will post them here to keep myself accountable. No matter how shitty.

I've spent a significant amount of time thinking about how to take my first step. There's direction now. It's time to get going.


Yours Truly,

The Shitty Drop Guy