A lot has happened in the past month.

  • Esther received her Masters in Public Health from Columbia University. Esther's family (parents, sister, paternal grandmother) visited NYC and I attended the graduation with them. Her father also treated everyone out to dinner later that night.
  • I ran in a 5K charity event (my time was 22:52!).
  • I started biking to work 2-3 times a week.
  • I visited Humphrey and Ed in NC.
  • I sprained my thumb and have been unable to do weight training at the gym.
  • I officially started interviewing software engineering candidates at Google.
  • Aditya visited NYC and we got heed. His girlfriend is moving here to do her residency and he is considering moving here in a month.
  • I moved. My new apartment is 10 blocks south of my old one, and it is an upgrade in every single way (including the amount of rent I pay!). I now have my own bathroom.
  • My mom visited NYC. She is currently on vacation with my grandparents and uncle in Italy.

The move has really killed all of my productivity. My life has just consisted of unpacking and working during the day.

Going forward, now that my room is unpacked, these are the things that I want to happen in the upcoming month.

  • Blog more (I always say this).
  • Start going to the gym again.
  • Buy a really sick monitor. Like a 34" widescreen or something crazy.
  • Start coding outside of work again.
  • Call my parents more often.
  • Record the first dance song I wrote for Sandy and Chris.

Anyway, that was a pretty boring post. My apologies. I have a few good ones in progress, I SWEAR!