Cracked the SCREEN PROTECTOR, suckers!

I was walking home from signing a new apartment lease (btw, I signed a new apartment today with Isaac and Yutaro). The signing took place in Midtown right near the good ol' BlackRock offices. I was walking back toward the subway stop contemplating what I should get for lunch when I decided to pull out my phone and look up if there was an E train stop near The Halal Guys at 53rd and 6th.

WHAM. Just didn't have a firm grip and had a mental lapse, but you only need one fail moment to drop your phone.

Luckily, though, I had purchased a screen protector for my phone (the OnePlus One). I decided not to go with a case because I have a custom bamboo back cover (ooooo, fancy!), and I knew that I had to have some kind of safeguard against a dropped phone. I browsed on Amazon and ended up purchasing Orzly screen protector shortly after I bought my phone.

Here's what the screen protector looked like after I took it off:

Originally I didn't realize that the screen was completely fine. The cracks looked really bad and I was already having horrible thoughts of being the scrub you see using a phone with a broken screen.

I've already reordered the screen protector, and now I vow to always use a screen protector on my future phones.