Aight Gang

So I've fallen victim to some of my vices for these past maybe two weeks - sleeping in and playing video games. Remember when I included a cute little picture of my favorite Arena of Valor hero, Mganga? Yeah, that was a red flag. Who the fuck cares about who your favorite hero in Arena of Valor is? LOL! For the record though, I'm a beast with him.

Hard Carry Mganga

Look at this sick hard carry

Pulled myself out of the rut though, since when addiction comes knocking at least I can recognize who's at the door now. Limiting myself to 4 matches a day so I can optimally scratch my gaming itch while still getting shit done.


Been counting hours of my work, shooting for 40 work hours toward music every week. Haven't been close to hitting it yet, but at least it's being tracked now. I think I hit 25.5 hours last week. Splitting my time between producing, learning, and trying to formulate a longer term strategy for everything that needs to be done outside of the actual music-making (which is debatably equally or more important than the music you make).

Also, I'm going to try and actually improve at guitar from a technical standpoint. I'm going to try and spend one hour everyday going through a music theory for guitarists book. Will let y'all know how that goes.

Other News

Life is cranking along. Got a decent amount of traveling to do in the next 2 months. Then I'll be moving to LA. Making moves to get back into programming as well.

Oh, I've been growing my hair out for about 9 months now. It's in a stage where I look 100% like a total ass clown, but I'm already past the point of no return - never grown it this long before. Need to keep going. One of the things I actually need to figure out is how I'm going to have my hair during the two weddings I'm attending in August LOL.

Some Interviews I Enjoyed

Been doing a lot of browsing around and research about people in music that I really like and respect. Here are two notable ones - Jai Wolf and Mike Gao.