Another Fun Week

The Post-Humphrey week in Taipei was yet another fun one. Met up with a lot of different people that were in Taipei, and my parents also came for about half the week!

Another crucial The Diner run with Sean and Ada

Showing my new BFF Kevin a Mini Gauntlet of Fun

Looking like a fool with Lingray Jiang

Nerding out with Brian as he preps to move to his new crib

Grabbing some DTF Soup Dumps with Clara and John

Hanging with my parents - no flattering pics this time so here's a pic from last year lmao

Icon Collective

Been looking into attending Icon Collective, a music production school based in Burbank, LA. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of their Admissions officers last week, and it definitely gave me a great impression of the school after the chat. As I continue to evaluate what the best path to success is, attending Icon seems like something I definitely would not regret.

Some Thoughts

Been chatting with my dad a lot about my career change, and I can definitely feel the initial doubt and disapproval shifting into excitement and mentorship. My relationship with my dad has always been complex - love, respect, fear, and an uncontrollable, sometimes irrational urge to seek his approval. For better or worse, he's always inspired me to always pursue my task at hand 100% - no mercy, win at all costs. Unbeknownst to him, he's also one of the biggest reasons that I chose to pursue a career in music. He's always forged his own path and chased his dreams. Something burns deep inside me as well that makes me want to find happiness on my own terms.

Making the decision to venture into the unknown is only the start. Sometimes you feel like you're on a roll, and you've made the right choice. Other times you start to miss the safety and reassurance of conventional life. Whatever the case, I'm either going down in flames of glory, or I'll be seeing all of you on the other side!

Here's an interesting and somewhat spiritual graphic of The Hero's Journey

Taken from an article of an interview with Jauz (link)

I don't really know where this post is going now, but I'm going to wrap it up. I feel like I'm somewhere in between the Belly of the Whale and the Road of Trials. I can't wait to meet that F'in Goddess!