Pretty Productive

I was pretty productive last week. Set a lot of goals for myself and stuck to (most) of them.

  • Creative Writing (very consistent)
  • Meditate (didn't hit this one as much as I wanted to)
  • Gym (was very consistent)
  • Wake up early (nope - continues to be one of my greatest vices)
  • Work on music (check)

Turns out working on a track for hours at a time can really burn you out. By the time the weekend came, I was ready to break away for a bit and just hang out with friends. That led to some late nights, and my sleep schedule got messed up leading into this week.

Fruit Fly Problem

As I wrote about in one of my previous posts, I've had a fruit fly problem here. I think it was caused by some rotting flowers in the apartment. They were Maggie's birthday flowers, so I didn't want to throw them out. But she's still gotta come back and move the rest of her and Andy's stuff out. Place is coming together, though - Chris has been crashing here a lot and also helped me reorganize a bunch of stuff.

Micro Slump

I feel like I've hit my first micro slump. Struggling to finish this track, waking up late, and I didn't do Object Writing for the past 3 days. It's okay though - I think I'm learning more about my willpower muscle limits and how to better pace myself to prevent burnout. Still been gymming consistently, so that's one Keystone Habit that's holding everything together still. I'm also still on track to have my first dance song finished by this weekend (compositionally). Back to writing, meditating, and waking up early this week.