So I'm back in Taipei. Again! Been nomad-lifing way too hardcore. I'm beat. Completely. I just want some semblance of stability. Moving into a new(ish) place tomorrow, so I'm glad that the both the end to moving around and the beginning of my new life are within arms reach.

Flight was rough. Originally, I was going to fly from NY to SHA and then transfer to TPE. But due to some unforeseen political issues between China and Taiwan, a bunch of flights got cancelled. I had to rebook while I was in Cali, and the next best option was to go from NY to Detroit to Tokyo to Taipei.

Flight leaving from Detroit got delayed by 1.5 hrs, which caused me to miss my connection flight in Tokyo. Had to wait an additional 3+ hours for my next flight. But! I finally made it last evening a little past midnight. Zombie mode to the max. I was extremely light headed and just ready to pass out.

Anyway, at least the hot water was working this time when I got to the apartment. Took a nice hot shower, got into my PJs, and crawled into bed for an epic and restful sleep.

I'm feeling frustrated, but talking to people helps me appreciate what I have instead of focusing on the negative things. I've always thought that loyalty and integrity are the most important traits that I wanted to cultivate. Now I'm adding gratitude to that list.