Brojo in SF

Yutaro and Isaac visited this past weekend. It was a blast. Yutaro arrived on Wednesday night, and Isaac flew in on Thursday after one of his work events ended.

We had a good time catching up - talked a lot about career and life goals. Getting older definitely feels weird. We're at the first point in our lives where we can truly feel the weight of "real life" responsibilities. Decisions we make now will alter the course of the future.

Atlas Shrugged

Okay, now I'm just being dramatic.

We checked out Muir Woods, ate seafood at Fisherman's Wharf, and we also went out for a romantic dinner at Lolinda, an Argentinian steak house. After, we got drinks at El Techo, Lolinda's sister restaurant, and we got some late night Mexican food at El Farolito.

Here's the only picture I have from their visit:


Hump in SF

Humphrey also visited a few weeks ago. He was doing an interview at Oakland's Children Hospital for residency positions after he finishes med school. We had a great time as well. Drove to Oakland to check out the hospital with him one day, and we also ate at a burger joint in the downtown area. Overall, Oakland seemed a bit grungy and less developed. Unfortunately Hump's top choices for residency are going to be in NYC - AKA the greatest city in the world. He's hoping to get into either Mt. Sinai or NYU.

Hump at Tasty Pot

GF in SF

Esther also visited again twice over the past few months! She came here once for an entire week to as a surprise Christmas gift :). And, she was also able to fly here on Valentine's day for a work trip. She was giving a presentation at the SF branch of her office with her boss. We had a really good time exploring the city together, and it really made me miss spending time with her. We had it good in NYC, and it's crazy how everything changed so fast since I moved out here.

We've been really good about making the most of our time while she was in SF. We ate at a nice Japanese restaurant in SOMA, checked out the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, hiked through the Presidio, and hit up some of our favorite food spots around my hood.

Esther being goofy

I also took Esther to check out the Googleplex...

Esther at Googleplex

and we ate some pretty delicious Taiwanese food at Taiwan Cafe in Milpitas afterwards (the Yelp rating is complete bullshit for Taiwan Cafe - place should definitely be a 5+).

Parents in SF

My parents have had a lot more time on their hands in recent years, and they've been making an effort to come visit me more frequently. I always love having them visit, and hosting them is always lots of fun and very nostalgic. We haven't had a real home in the US since we sold the house in Michigan while I was in College, and they've been living in Shanghai for over a decade. Having them in town feels like the good ol' days.

Here's an embarrassing picture of my dad taking a picture of my mom at Costco (our go-to pastime is checking out Costco - don't judge us).

Dad taking photo at Costco

Next few months

I'll be going to the Dominican Republic in March with all of my buds back on the East Coast, and after I'll be working from NYC for a week. In April, I'll be going to Coachella, and in May I'm planning a trip to Taipei and Shanghai with Humphrey before his residency begins.

I've been in the Bay area for almost half a year now, and I must say that I still consider myself a New Yorker. I'm just more of an East Coast type of person. I like the energy, diversity (both in ethnicity and industry), and overall vibe of NYC much better than SF.

But, maybe I just haven't given SF enough time. Or maybe, I've just been traveling too much to really get a good feel for the city. Whatever the reason, NYC is GOD.

Until next time, dear readers!