I have so many drafts sitting around in the digital recesses of my blog that it makes me sick. I always plan to write grandiose posts about interesting topics, but then I don't set aside the time to fill in the blanks of my bullet point outlines.

Drafts on drafts on drafts, man.

I'll try a different approach in 2017. Let's try quantity over quality. Get in the habit of cranking out texts and see where it goes from there.

Recap of the past few months

I bought a car in October 2016! Yup. I am a proud owner of a brand spankin' new 2016.5 (yes, there's a point five) Mazda CX-5 GT AWD. Here is a pic.

My car

I did a ton of research about cars before I made my purchase. There are a ton of random up-sells that the dealerships try to get you with, and when they realize that you're a first-time buyer that's actually serious about walking away with a vehicle, their eyes light up. TIME TO GO IN FOR THE KILL EEEEKEKEKEKEKE!

Ultimate, I opted to buy a new car because I just wanted to drive a new car. I JUST WANT THE NEW CAR SMELL OKAY? GOSH.

The other option was to lease a car, but that would not have been economical. When you lease a car, you're effectively paying for usage of a minimum of 12,000 miles on the vehicle per year. If you go over the threshold, you are charged a fixed amount per mile. If you remain under the threshold, you're pretty much leaving money on the table in the form of un-driven miles. I'm going to be a pretty low mileage driver. I would be able to sell my car in two or three years, and my total cost of ownership would be cheaper than leasing.

Buying used was intriguing, because it would allow me to drive a luxury car and stay within my desired price range. Or, I could get a similar car as the one I have now for less money. Buying used ultimately would have been more economical by a few thousand bucks, but that's a premium I was willing to pay for 1) peace of mind and 2) the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I look at my car.

ANYWAY. That was a lot about my car.

I also went to Taiwan for the holidays, which was awesome. My entire family went back, and we did a road trip around the island. We also hung out in Taipei for almost a week afterwards. Good times.

I'm getting tired now, so I am going to post this. At least it won't be another DRAFT tho... 'NAM SAYIN?