Big news - I'm going to be moving to San Francisco in August! I'll be joining a company called Verily Life Sciences to work on software for surgical robots. My official start date is August 15th, 2016, and I'll be moving to SF sometime in the next month.

I'm super excited for this opportunity, and I'm really looking forward to having a chance to make a big impact on a futuristic project that will help people and... wait for it... make the world a better place. It's kind of sad how ironic that last sentence sounds now. But, I still believe in technology, and my goal is to be in prime position to ride the next generation of technological revolution in robotics, genomics, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence.

My tentative plan is to live alone in SF, although I have heard horror stories of how much money that is going to cost me. In an ideal world, I would have a garage and purchase a new car as well. It's been a dream of mine to own a car for quite some time, although the practicality and actual return on investment for such a purchase is questionable. I don't know too much about SF, and I also don't know that many people in the city, so I'm both nervous and excited about my move. It'll be a good chance to experience new things and get out of my comfort zone.

One of the most difficult decisions about this transition was moving away from Esther, who will remain in NYC. She's been extremely supportive throughout this whole process, and I feel very lucky to have an awesome girlfriend who is willing to undergo all of these changes with me. We're going to be doing long distance - again (we did it for two years before!) - but I feel like our relationship is very serious, stable, and mature, and I believe it's going be an exciting next chapter for both of us.

I need to do so much planning and research about the move in the next few weeks. It's a bit daunting how much there is to do on top of packing, finding a sublet, etc. Once I'm settled in, though, I'm definitely going to invite all of my friends to come visit! We shall finally see if West Coast == Best Coast.

Until next time, friends!