So now that 2016 has started, I'm all over the New Year's Resolutions bandwagon. I love all of the positive energy that comes with each new year, and I'm going to do my best to sustain my motivation for as long as possible.

One of the things I'm trying to do is to start exercising again. You know, going to the gym, playing basketball, biking to work. I haven't done any kind of physical activity since I got surgery on my left thumb in July 2015, so it's been a bit of a rude awakening realizing how out of shape and lard-ish I've become. Well, I'm still the same exact weight, but I feel softer. Oh, and I get tired when I walk up two flights of stairs.

I started going to the gym with Esther, and I also started running on the treadmill next to her. After the first few times of running for one mile... then two miles... then half a mile... I decided to stick to a constant distance and try to improve my time. The number I landed on was, as you probably predicted from the title of this blog post, two.

Why two, you ask? Well...

In high school, I was a member of the freshman soccer team. One of the tests that we were subjected to during tryouts and throughout practice was something called the Cooper Test.

Here's a short blurb taken from a site that talks more about the history of the Cooper Test.

There is little doubt that fitness is an essential part of a soccer player’s success. As pre-season training gets underway, coaches often administer a variety of tests designed to determine how fit their players are. One of these is the Cooper Test. To “pass” the Cooper Test, players are expected to complete a 2-mile run in 12 minutes or less. Players often dread testing because failing to come in under the 12 minute mark may mean the player is viewed as lacking fitness and being unprepared for the upcoming season. And, players who cannot pass may suffer consequences until they can record a passing time.

I never passed this test the two times I ran it back in the day. My best time was just barely under 13 minutes. We didn't get punishments for failing to come in under the 12 minute mark - it was more like a badge of honor if you could pass. So, for some reason, this nugget of information stored somewhere in my long-term memory was reactivated and shuffled into my RAM while I was exercising next to Esther.

Could I pass this test if I trained? Does being 12 years older than I was during freshman year mean that I can run two miles in under 12 minutes? I am currently on the quest to find out. I gave myself a pretty lenient deadline of achieving this goal by the end of 2016, but that is subject to change. After talking to a couple of different people about this "challenge," the only person who has agreed to run with me is Charles. I'm now writing this to extend the invitation to anyone else that is interested!

Currently, after about 2ish-plus weeks of running, Charles clocks in with the best time of 13:48, and my PR is 14:11.

Stay tuned for some updates!