• Tweak my 401(k) plan to get the most out of it
  • Evaluate different savings and checking accounts and make a switch if it benefits
  • Do something with my cash savings after researching all options
  • Create an infrastructure for automatically managing budgets and saving money every month
  • Check my credit score and get a credit report


  • Plan 3 nice dates including dinner and another activity
  • Cook together 2 times a month
  • Find a productive hobby that we can pursue together

Personal Growth

  • Blog once a week
  • Sleep by midnight on Sunday through Thursday
  • Clean my room and do laundry every two weeks


  • Gain 5 lbs (preferably in muscle)
  • Bike once a week
  • Go to the gym twice a week
  • Play basketball once a week


  • Call parents, sister, uncle, and grandparents once a week
  • Organize a fun night to hang out with my dudes in NYC once a month
  • Google Hangout with friends outside of NYC once a month (Humphrey, Charles, Johnny, Ed, Haho, Wooseok, DrewJ, YSC, DChoi)
  • Hang out with old NYC friends at least once (mng, Mike Hwang 1.0, Infant + Shrini, ATN crew)

  • Complete the design doc
  • Hack out MVP of the app